Treasure hunts

Create a free treasure hunt to play at home!

This site contains over 3100 clues, covering 150 locations in 21 clue formats. The locations are spread across the home and garden and include places such as "under a sofa", "near a clock" and "in a watering can" - there are plenty to choose from to make a great treasure hunt. You can choose the format of the clues too, examples include anagrams, letter shifting, morse code; we are adding more and more of these so that you can give your treasure hunt some variety.

Latest Updates

July 2021: Another 150 new clues - clues have been translated into the NATO phonetic alphabet.

June 2021: 150 new clues - all our clues are now available in mobile phone multi-tap format.

May 2021: A treasure hunt can now include custom clues you write yourself.

November 2020: Pirate and Christmas treasure hunt themes available on the print page.

October 2020: A new feature has been added so that locations can be found by using a search.

September 2020: We have just launched several updates, including improved layouts for printing, and 150 Magic Eye (autostereogram) treasure hunt clues. Take a look at our latest blog post about using Magic Eye treasure hunt clues for more information.

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